Sangam14, “AIOUG-NIC hardwork, 771 people acknowledged”

Just came back yesterday from Sangam 14, well this was the first time I went to such event and it was surprise for me and other founders of our NIC of AIOUG for being rewarded for our hardwork in front of more than 700 people.

I got chance to meet great speakers sharing their knowledge and their experiences, well this was first time I felt that great people like “Murli, Satyendra, PS Jankiram, Vijay Sehgal and many more..”

It was wonderful experience meeting few EM experts like Gagan Chawla, Nilesh Agrawal, Jim, Bhavin Desai, I shared my experience and discussed issue I had come across and listen their thoughts as well..

Last but not the least this event ended with inspiring speech from Dr. Rajdeep Manwani, sharing his experience and motivating us with speech.

Soon will share and write something new from my experience. Till then take care..