EM12c {Target Type “Generic Service”} — Flaws in “Web Transaction” (Replacement with ATS Transaction)

Hi Everyone,

In this blog I’ll be discussing about “Services” as target in EM12c Cloud Control. We have Services as one of the targets, in which we can create a Service Test for any of our applications, our tomcat servers, etc.. This can be done by for several “Test Types” like “Web Transaction, ATS Transaction, Web Service, SMTP etc.”

Usually I used to create Service Test to record the behavior of application using “Web Transaction” in which I used to record few step like “login page, home page and finally logout page”. I used to perform this by using the test credentials for different applications. This technique was in used since 11g and it was running fine in 11g and in 12c as well.

Last week I created a Service Test for my new application, the strange thing about this Application was that for each login one licence will be occupied. I used the same “Web Transaction” technique, created service test for same “login, homepage and sign out page” with collection frequency set to 5 minutes.

In next one hour I got complaint from Application Manager that there are 12 licences being occupied and not released for this test user. “STRANGE & ANNOYING THING”.

I worked with support and after doing debugging and checking the logs we found that the last sign-out page was not even being hit. It was then I came to know in 12c “Web Transaction” was having some flaws for different kind of applications.

Then I replaced “Web Transaction” with “ATS Transaction” with some extra effort. I have to setup “Oracle Testing Suite” for this, which have “Open Script” application that is used to do the recording of the transaction.

Advantage of “Open Script” is that if you have some knowledge of java you can actually check the code running behind and can double crosscheck it. Then this whole transaction can be exported to a zip file which is used by EM to perform test.

This solved my problem this time the Test was successful and the licence was getting released after every sign out.

I have started using “ATS Transactions” over “Web Transactions”, in my next blog I’ll be publishing the document for how to use “Oracle Application Testing Suite” for ATS transaction.

Asking Favour from an indian “foolishness”

Well this is not my first experience that i have asked for a favor from someone in india, being always there when someone has asked from me. Now I after so many pathetic experiences finally I have realized that its really stupidity if you will ask favor from an Indian.
I am sorry, being an Indian I am saying this but this is THE fact.

This time it was merely a small favor today while travelling to Amritsar when I boarded my train and reaching out to my seat i found that all seats were separated. I requested a person if he can shift to my seat as I was travelling with my family and we had one seat separate from other seats. Well tge reply was straightforward “SORRY I CAN NOT”… Thanks I replied with smiling face.

Another was the worst than this.. I was travelling to Kolkata from New Delhi in Rajdhani. The train started and after 4 hrs when it was night and everyone was about to sleep suddenly a guy come to me and requested if I can shift to his seat which was side upper and I can give him my lower berth. He told me that his one leg is artificial and he can not move to upper birth. I gave my
Seat to him instantly.

Once he seated, he told us that he has already requested favor from people near by his seat and everyone refused and other most horrible fact was when he told us that even the TICKET EXAMINER has refused to help him. My friends and I were left shocked hearing this. “FUCK” we replied.

People are seriously pathetic here in India. I feel ashamed saying this that when people can not even give you their seats.. how we expect from someone that he/she will come fwd helping rape victims or some accident victims.