How to add Additional target properties in Oracle Enterprise Manager12c

In Oracle Enterprise Manager we have the option set properties of targets which in-turn we can later use to categorize them.

The Administration Group option in Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c is one of the good features introduced. This feature help us categorize our targets in different hierarchy sub groups. The hierarchy was decided on the number of target properties having values set.

Up to recently I was under the assumption that this was a fixed list of target properties like “Department, LifeCycle Status, Contact etc”. However I was caught in a scenario
where I have to increase the hierarchy in my Administration Group to meet my business need. This was the point when I thought what If I can add something more to this property set. This gave me reason to explore some more feature of EMCLI.

I’ll take example of my test case in this Blog.

I wanted to add a property “ENVIRONMENT” using which I can differentiate all targets for my PeopleSoft Environments “Financials, HR, Brazil and Portal”
This came as a solution of the enhancement request that was already in place. MOS provided the solution to this problem. We can add additional target property fields by using EMCLI.

The parameter to add additional target properties for a target in Oracle Enterprise Manager is “add_target_property”.
By using this parameter with EMCLI command we can extend the number of fields per target type.

For example, if you wants to add new target property “ENVIRONMENT” for all targets it can be easily done using below mentioned command.

>emcli add_target_property -target_type=”*” -property=”ENVIRONMENT”

In case you wanted to add the ENVIRONMENT property to only oracle_database targets you could do so by executing the below command:

>emcli add_target_property -target_type=”oracle_database” – property=”ENVIRONMENT”

This option provides you a versatile Oracle Enterprise Manager with extended capability to store more information on a target level.

Hope you have find this post interesting and useful in your business.