Creating Generic Service using “ATS Transactions” in OEM

Hi Everyone,

In this post, I help you out how we can create Generic Service using “ATS Transactions” in OEM 12c. Well This situation came across me when to monitor one of my application I created a “Generic Service” which use Web Transaction.

The test was created successfully, the only issue was the for every repetition it was occupying one license was not not releasing it at the Logout Step, which ideally it should do. Yes one of the applications in my company acquire one license every time when any user logs into. This license is released only when the user logs out.

So this Web Transaction method started Blocking my licenses for Application Login. I reported this case to Support but they closed it in one day itself telling me that “Web Transaction” method has become obsolete and they do not recommend to use it. MOS suggested me to use OATS {Oracle Application Testing Suite}

I created Service Test using the ATS Transaction Method, created a Service Test and it resolved my Issue of blocking Licenses.

I will show you how create Service Test using ATS Transaction. Follow the below mentioned Steps.

  • Make sure you have Oracle Application Testing Suite, you can install it on you local computer as well.
  • You can download from “” link
  • Follow the guidelines in the installation manual and get it installed on your system.
  • Once installed start the Open Script.


  • Mentioned below is the main page of “Open Script”


  • Click on “File” in the menu bar and select “New”.


  • “New Project” wizard will open. Under “Load Testing” select “WebHTTP”


  • Save you Project under your Repository. Give a name to your project and click on “Finish”.


  • Once you click on “Finish”, your new project window will open where you can record your Transaction.


  • Click on highlighted recording button shown in previous screenshot. It will open a recording Toolbar and recording window where you can enter the URL of Application which you want to test.


  • Perform all the steps which you want to include in your test {Transaction}
  • Once all the steps are included, click on “Stop” button in the Recording Toolbar.
  • It will show the Hierarchy of all the steps which are included in your transaction test.


  • Save your Project under the “File Menu” and then export the Project Zip file as show in screenshot.



  • Save File on you local laptop, in order to upload it at creation time of ATS transaction.
  • Now Login to your EM12c Console and Navigate to “Services” as shown in the screenshot.


  • Now Click on “Create” button and select “Generic Service – Test Based”


  • It will navigate  you to the First page, enter the required details like “NAME” & “Time Zone” and Click on “Next”.


  • Under Test Type, select “ATS Transaction” and enter name for your Service Test. Also enter the Collection Frequency at which you want the test to be executed again n again.


  • Now Add the saved ZIP file of the transaction recorded using “Oracle Application Testing Suite”.


  • Once you upload the ZIP file, it will automatically fetch all the details from the file and load it in the Service Test.


  • Next step is to add a Beacon for your Service Test which will perform Service Test from Geographical location. Beacon Actually help us to know availability of Application from different locations. You can select more than one beacon as well for Service Test.


  • Final Review of “Generic Service”, review all the details to make sure something wrong did not happen and then click “Finish”.


Your Service Test is created successfully. You can now monitor you Application without any Issue.

Hope this post will help you out in one or other way.

Will keep posting new Issue & Resolutions.


Deepak Sharma

4 thoughts on “Creating Generic Service using “ATS Transactions” in OEM

  1. Thanks for the article.
    Why would Oracle make this more complicated. Recording transactions within OEM was a pretty good feature.

    Anyway, is openscript a licensed product ?
    I guess OATS as a whole package is licensed. Correct ?


  2. guide me with navigation of how to download the zip files which is uploaded in the Generic services.
    I need those zip files to deploy in another OEM server.


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