Configure “BI Publisher Enterprise Reports” in Oracle Enterprise Manager 12cR4

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This blog explain what BI Publisher is all about some advantage over Information Publisher also, I’ll show you step by step procedure “How we can configure “BI Publisher Enterprise Reports” in EM12cR4.

Just a brief introduction about BI Publisher, which was introduced in  We all know that BI Publisher is used as an Enterprise Reporting Solution to generate highly formatted documents. Eg. Operational Reports, not only that it can also helps   developers to design data models. We can generate custom reports which can help us leverage existing Infrastructure of our company.

In Previous release “EM12c R1 Cloud Control” the installation and configuration of BI Publisher required more hard work. Separate download of software and an additional 10Gb of space at file system were of few mandatory requirements. However, in EM12c R4 no additional software download is required, it already comes as a package, all you need is to configure it.

Before we go further lets discuss some benefits of this enhanced reporting module.

  • It reduces the complexity and lowers the cost.
  • Has capability to use data from out resource as well.
  • BI Publisher is integrated to use familiar desktop products and other developer tools.

Advantages of BI Publisher over Information Publisher

  • User can create report in different formats like PDF, EXCEL, WORD, HTML etc
  • Users can develop their own custom reports against EM Repository
  • BI Publisher has been integrated with EM Security
  • Access can be granted to administrators on the basis of hierarchy level
  • BI Publisher has been enhanced with scheduling & delivery mechanism like email or FTP.

We can also say the BI Publisher Enterprise Reports is the replacement for deprecated Information Publisher Reporting Capability.

How to confirm if BI Publisher is already configured in EM?

Navigate to “Monitoring -> Reports -> BI Publisher Enterprise Reports”

If BI Publisher is not configured you will get a message displayed “BI PUBLISHER IS NOT CONFIGURED”.


So the first thing now we have to do is configure BI Publisher.

Steps to follow:

Login to your OMS server and check the status for BI Publisher.

    1. [oracle@hanoemap1 ] $  cd  /app/oracle/product/middleware/OMS12cR4/oms/bin
    2. [oracle@hanoemap1 bin] $  ./emctl status oms –bip_only

Now we since the BI Publisher is not configured, we have to set it up first.

Go to OMS/bin directory and run “congifureBIP” script


The First time you will run “” script, you will be prompted to take backup of OMS.



Run “./emctl exportconfig oms” to take the backup of OMS.


Enter the password of SYSMAN user when prompted.


You will be notified once the backup is finished.


Once the backup of OMS is complete execute “” script again and type “YES” when prompted.


Please enter the password for database user with SYSDBA privileges and the password for Weblogic Admin Server when prompted it will executes the Repository creation utility {RCU} to create BI Publisher schema {SYSMAN_BIPLATFORM}


It will require automatic restart of OMS and extends weblogic domain that contains EM to include BI Publisher and configure it.


Check the status of BI Publisher now.


Now login to EM console and navigate to “BI Publisher Enterprise Reporting” under  “Monitoring -> Reports -> BI Publisher Enterprise Reporting”. For the first time if you user is not “Super Administrator” user you will get screen like this.


Login with SYSMAN (Super Administrator) user and navigate to “BI Publisher Enterprise Reports”. You will able to use BI Publisher feature now.


You can also grant access to any repository user by using the below mentioned commands after which he/she will be able to access “BI Publisher Enterprise Reports”.


Hope this document will help you to configure “BI Publisher Enterprise Reports” in your Environment.


Deepak Sharma

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