How to create blackout in OEM12c for “Generic Service Test”.

In this Blog I have shown the simple steps which one can follow to create Blackout for any of the Generic Service or be it any other target for any maintenance window to avoid unwanted alerts.

Step 1:  Login “Oracle Enterprise Manager” 12c console using your credentials.


Step 2: As shown below in the screenshot, please navigate to “Services” from the main home page.


Step 3: Filter the Appdev Application under “Services” using the method shown in the screenshot. Here you will find all the “Service Test” created for various Applications.


Step 4: Navigate to “Blackout” home page using the Navigation shown in the screenshot. Click on “Enterprise” on the top left corner and navigate to “Blackout” under “Monitoring”.


Step 5: Create blackout for the Applications to be included in the Maintenance Window.


Next step is to put details of the blackout to be created. Put all the details mentioned in the screenshot.


Step 6: Add Targets to be included in the Blackout.  Provide necessary details for Blackout, Click on “ADD” button as shown in the screen shot.

New “POP-UP” window will open, select “Generic Service” as the target type and under “Target Name” type “SLA” and press “GO”. Once  you have selected the required Applications to be included in the blackout HIT “Select”.


Click on “Next”.


Step 7: Schedule the Blackout.


Step 8:  Review the Blackout Details and click “Finish”.


I hope this would have made is simpler for you to understand how easily we can create blackout in OEM12c.

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