Environment Variables needed to configure Oracle Configuration Manager for OBIEE

In this Blog I have mentioned some important Environment Variable which you need to set before you install and configure “Oracle Configuration Manager” for  OBIEE.

Few important things you have to take care while performing OCM installation for OBIEE are:

In an Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (BI EE) installation, the Oracle Configuration Manager must be install and configure in the Installation directory of the Business Intelligence product (SAROOTDIR) and in the database home.

Now question comes which is the “Installation directory of the Business Intelligence product (SAROOTDIR)“, is it for Middleware, OBIEE, and DAC.

Mentioned below is the directory structure of my environment.

Fusion Middleware  = /app/oracle/product/middleware
OBIEE  = /app/oracle/product/middleware/Oracle_BI1
DAC =  /app/oracle/product/BITST/DAC

Now when we are familiar with what called  SAROOTDIR directory let see what all are the Environment Variables you have to set.

Your environment should be set like this:


export  BEA_HOME
export  JAVA_HOME 

export  WL_HOME


These were no where mentioned in any Oracle documentation due to which I was facing Issue while configuring OCM for my OBIEE environment. I worked with the development team of OCM and there after when this Installation was successfull finally they published their most recent and updated documentation.

In my next blog I’ll show you the complete installation of OCM for OBIEE step by step.


Deepak Sharma


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