12c Agents compatibility with OMS 13c…

Last time when I performed upgrade from 11g Grid Control to 12c Cloud Control, I had to replace all existing 11g Oracle Agents to Agent 12c. Oracle stated that 11g Oracle Agents are not compatible with OEM 12c, so it left me with no other option than to install Oracle Agent 12c on all monitoring hosts.

Even though multiple Agent installation on different hosts is available in 12c cloud Control but for one time when you have to do install and configure Agent 12c on more than 150 hosts, you really do not want to do that and could there have been shortcut it could have ease your life.

The same question came to my mind again, do I have to replace all my existing 12c Agents if I upgrade to this new release.  The answer is “NO” I do not have to replace my old Oracle Agent 12c.

Thanks to Oracle you do not have to do it but only if you have Oracle Management Agent 12c Release 3 or higher installed on your hosts.

YES, that’s true. Oracle Agent 12c is compatible with new release of Oracle Management Service 13c.

Mentioned below is the Compatibility table across OMS13c and Agent 12c.

Releases Oracle Management Agent 12c Release 3 ( Oracle Management Agent 12c Release 4 ( Oracle Management Agent 12c Release 5 ( Oracle Management Agent 13c
Oracle Management Service 13c Yes Yes Yes Yes

There are some important points which you have to keep in mind before you begin Installing OEM 13c.

  • Ensure that you have the latest Enterprise Manager Cloud Control software. {13c}
    • You can refer to the Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control Advanced Installation and Configuration Guide.” for more information.
  • Oracle Management Service 13c can communicate only with the above listed versions of Management Agents.
  • Another important point to remember is while you download and run the OEM 13c software making sure there are no white spaces in the name of the directory.
    • Example: do not download and run the software from a directory titled “EM Software” because there is a white space between the two words of the directory name.
  • Through installation wizard, installation of OEM 13c Cloud Control can be done only on a single host, that is, locally on the server from where the wizard is invoked. Installation cannot be done on multiple or remote hosts.
  • Do not set the ORACLE_HOME and ORACLE_SID environment variables, also you must ensure that the Oracle directories do NOT appear in the PATH.
  • OEM13c onwards preinstalled JDK or Oracle WebLogic Server is no more supported.
  • Java Development Kit (JDK) 1.7.0_80 and Oracle WebLogic Server 12c Release 1 ( are installed as the part of EM13c Cloud Control.
  • Dedicated Weblogic Server 12c.
    • You must ensure that the Oracle WebLogic Server 12c Release 1 ( installed by the Enterprise Manager Cloud Control Installation Wizard is dedicated for Enterprise Manager Cloud Control.
    • You must not have any other Oracle Fusion Middleware product installed in that Middleware home.
  • OEM 13c Cloud Control cannot coexist with any Oracle Fusion Middleware product in the same Middleware home because the ORACLE_COMMON property is used by both the products.
  • As a prerequisite, you must have an existing Oracle Database {can also have the Automatic Memory Management (AMM) feature enabled} to configure the Management Repository.
  • Manual Startup required for OMS and OMA.
    • If you install the OMS and the Oracle Database, which houses the Management Repository, on the same host, then when you reboot the host, the OMS and the Management Agent installed with it will not automatically start up. You will have to manually start them.

I have listed few of the important ones, you can find detailed information in Oracle Documentation.

Hope this will help you setting up your new environment.

You can reach out to me on my personal email id: sharma.deepak345@gmail.com


Deepak Sharma

18 thoughts on “12c Agents compatibility with OMS 13c…

  1. Thanks for the blog Deepak. I have one question though — is it compatible other way round? Meaning, i understand 12c Agent works with OMS 13c, but does 13c agents be monitored from 12c OMS?

    If i install 13c agent on a DB (target) server and can that 13 target be deployed to be monitored from OMS 12c, say



    1. Sorry for late reply seems my old link is still working. I have registered my website now “emdeepaksharma.com”.
      I have not tested this but I am sure it should not work like that, as we have seen this in several other application or softwares as well that lower to higher is supported most to the times but higher to lower is not supported. Still I can test it and will let you know.



      1. Hi Deepak,

        First of all. This is a great blog.

        Regarding this question which Ashok asked. Did you get a chance to test it ?

        The reason why i’m asking is.. We have OEM BunldePatch1. (it was never upgraded as it wasn’t used much. We used SAP monitoring tools rather). Now there is requirement to upgrade it to latest version, especially to fix the critical security vulnerability reported on the WebLogic component.

        Now, the only path of upgrade I see is –> –> 13cR1 –> 13cR2 😦

        So I was thinking why I should upgrade all the agents thrice as well. Directly upgrade it to 13c. But then the doubt is will it support OMS.

        I have spent lot of time in checking this details. It would be really grateful if you can share some information on this or any tips.

        Much thanks in advance


      2. Hi Salih,
        First of all apologies for late reply. Since I ave to handle and update my both websites timely it causes delay in the response. Have your issue resolved now of you still looking for answer. Please let me know. Also you can send your direct queries on my email, sharma.deepak345@gmail.com



  2. I would like to deploy oracle agent with em13c in order to monitoring red hat 5 database server but I think it’s impossible…


    1. Mario,

      You can still use Agent as target in your EM13c environment if you database are on RHEL5. and agents are compatible with EM12cR2.



      1. The problem is that you cannot choose from console version of the agent so it try to install always the last version (13) and not the 12 even if 12 is applied on EM ….


  3. Mario,

    It is available from the console as well, the least version which is Supported by 13c is So and any version higher than that you can easily find under Console.

    It should be under Setup-.> Extensibility -> Self_update. If it’s not there check if your connectivity with MOS is working an your update jobs in library are running fine. If the status show available, you can simply download it from console itself and then apply it to any agent target.

    Can you provide me your email address so that I can send you screenshots from my setup.



    1. The agent software is in oem console but the problem is that it’s impossible to automatic deploy agent 12 with the console…you cannot choose versione when you deploy the agent with console…
      Regards Mario


      1. Sorry for the late reply, Mario. I was travelling last three weeks. Indeed, we can not deploy the other agents from the console, by default it will pick the latest one which is Applied to your Software Library.

        I reproduced the case by downloading the agent software when was already applied. When I tried to install it on fresh server even though now I had both and recently applied, it by default picked the latest available agent software[]

        Seems this is the functioning set the by the Oracle itself to make sure latest available agents can be deployed to new servers.

        But yes, we always have the “silent Installation Method” to deploy agent with version according to our need.



    1. Srikar, I guess you meant Windows Server 2016, please correct me if i am wrong. If this is the case it is not supported official from Oracle on Window Server 2016. But if you question was regarding monitoring SQL Server 2016 instance through OEM then I can not commit, as i have not tested it yet.

      But yes for sure, in coming future OEM will have plugin to support SQL Server 2016 databases for monitoring purpose.



  4. hi expert,
    can I install 12c agent on oracle 11g target and monitor through 12c OMS?
    I have both 11g and 12c database, so if I want to monitor both, do I need to install 12c agent on both 11g and 12c db?


    1. Sincere apologies for missing this comment and not answering it timely. I am hopping you might have already got your query answered from google. 🙂 But I would still like to answer, Yes you still can monitor you 11g databases as targets using your 12c agents. You need not have to install separate 11g agent to monitor your 11g databases.

      Deepak Sharma


  5. Hi Deepak,

    You just said we can use preinstalled 12c OMA with 13c OMS, but could you please also let me know how to do that as well.



    1. Hi Mahendra,

      Once you upgrade to OEM13c, you existing OEM agents targets will still be functional. What I meant was like back in 12c you have to upgrade your 11g agents as well but if you have 12c agents as targets you need not have to perform any extra efforts to upgrade them to 13c. 12c agent still works and are compatible with OEM13c.

      Hope I was able to answer your query. Please feel free to revert if you still have any question.

      Deepak Sharma


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