Say Hello! to Oracle Enterprise Manager 13c

In this blog I have shared one of my recent presentations with you on “Introduction to new features in OEM13c”. I delivered this session in one of our Tech-Day named as OTNYathra2016. It covers small Introduction of Oracle Enterprise Manager, Architecture of Enterprise Manager and What are all the components involved. As far as New & Enhanced features are concerned I have included “Infrastructure & Framework”,  “Enterprise Monitoring & Incident Management” and few “Database Management” features.
I have just started exploring this new release and will soon be posting more stuff on OEM13c.



Deepak Sharma

OTNYathra2016 – My first Experience as Speaker

In this blog I have share my experience of OTNyathra2016 as a SPEAKER.

It was for the first time when beside the managing the entire event along with my Gurus Mr. Aman Sharma and Mr Navneet Upneja, I was there as a Speaker in the same event. Yes for the first time in a National Level Event I was nominated as Speaker and I had to deliver session on “Oracle Enterprise Manager 13c“.

Was I worried, YES a lot. It would sound weird but there were lots of ups and downs going on in my mind. I thought many  times to take my name back but then I took it as challenge and  thought no matter what I will speak. I knew some day I have to start so why not now.

Moreover it was for the first time being the Regional chapter of parental body AIOUG, AIOUG-North India Chapter took the responsibility for conducting this event. There was lot of pressure on our minds but yes with the hard work of entire team of North India Chapter our event was a GRAND SUCCESS. We broke the record of last 7 years with attendance of 130 delegates.

Special thanks to our Volunteers who helped us promoting this event on Social Media. Thank You so much guys. {Pavan Mishra, Vijay, Vinay and Anoop}


Back to experience as Speaker. 🙂

My session was at the last, when people are in mood of just rushing back to their homes. Few of them already left,  well I would say it was not actually a BAD start, there were around 20 people sitting in that room to attend my session. Before starting my session I had made my mind that I will not get confused, worried or shiver and I guess I succeeded in that. My both Gurus Mr Aman Sharma and Mr Navneet Upneja, came there in my session one by one.

The topic was new “Oracle Enterprise Manager 13c – New Features”, of course this release has a lot of new feature but I just took three domain and explain new or enhanced things in them. There were many cross questioning from the delegates some of which I was able to answer and some of them I did not know as I myself had not explored that feature. Overall it all went well and I would say my first experience was not that Bad to get upset.

My mentors Aman and Navneet both told me about some flaws and area of improvements, and I’ll  make sure not to make those mistakes again. I would like to thank both of them for there forever support and guidance.


Will be back soon with stuff on OEM13c, till then TC.