Add Targets in OEM12c Declaratively specifying target monitoring properties.

In my last blog I have explained a step by step procedure, how we can add a target in Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c using “GUIDED” process. In this blog I have explained how we can add target in OEM12c using “DECLARATIVE” process. Let first understand what is the difference between “GUIDED” and “DECLARATIVE” process first.

In GUIDED process we have seen that agent on that host helps this process to discovers the target of particular type  that meets the selection criteria like in this case “Oracle Database, Listener and Automatic Storage Management”, once all these targets are discovered you just need to put the credentials and other monitoring configuration will be already filled during discovery.

However if we talk about the “DECLARATIVE” process, in this process we limit our input information and we want OEM to discover targets based on the limited information supplied to it. Lets see how this process works. Mentioned below are the steps:

Step 1: Navigate to the page “Add Targets Manually“.


Step 2: Select method “Add Targets Declaratively by Specifying Target Monitoring Properties” and select the “Target Type” .



Step 3: Select the Monitoring Agent. {The host on which the database instance/target (in this case) is located.}


Step 4: Click on “Add Manually” to proceed further.


Step 5: Add database instance properties, this includes not only the Monitoring configuration but also the “Target Name” and “Database System“.


 Note:  The major difference between GUIDED Process and Declarative Process comes at this step. In Guided Process we just have to specify the password for monitoring user{DBSNMP}, rest of the information was filled automatically when Agent discovers the target. However while adding target by declaratively specifying the properties, we have to manually enter all these values.

Step 6: Test Connection, once you have filled all the values and make sure the connection is successful. Click NEXT to proceed further.


Step 7: Review details and click on “Submit” to add this target.


Now you can find the target listed under the “Targets -> Databases“.




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