Silent Installation of Oracle 12C Agent on Linux Server

I know its very late but it was pending from my side since long. This is step by step silent installation of Oracle12c Agent on any linux machine. I have tried by best to make your job easy.

Please follow the below mentioned steps to Install Oracle 12c agent.


Step 1: Login to OEM server and then swtich to “oracle” user, using “sudo su – oracle“. Navigate to OMS home.

cd “/app/oracle/product/middleware/OMS12CR4/oms/bin”.


Step 2: Create a temporary directory {setup} under “tmp” where agent setup will be downloaded.

“mkdir -p /tmp/setup”


Step 3: Download Agent setup using below mentioned procedure.

Procedure is mentioned below:-


[oracle@testdb1 bin]$ pwd


[oracle@testdb1 bin]$ ./emcli login -username=sysman -password=formula1

Login successful


[oracle@testdb1 bin]$ ./emcli sync

Synchronized successfully


[oracle@testdb1 bin]$ ./emcli get_supported_platforms


Version =

Platform = Linux x86-64


Version =

Platform = Linux x86-64


Platforms list displayed successfully.


[oracle@testdb1 bin]$ ./emcli get_agentimage -destination=/tmp/setup -platform=”Linux x86-64″ -version=


=== Partition Detail ===

Space free : 3 GB

Space required : 1 GB

Check the logs at /app/oracle/product/middleware/gc_inst/em/EMGC_OMS1/sysman/emcli/setup/.emcli/get_agentimage_2016-08-05_00-57-38-AM.log

Downloading /tmp/setup/

File saved as /tmp/ setup /

Downloading /tmp/ setup /

File saved as /tmp/ setup /

Downloading /tmp/ setup /unzip

File saved as /tmp/ setup /unzip

Agent Image Download completed successfully.

[oracle@testdb1 bin]$ pwd


Step 4:  Copy setup from OEMAP1 server to LOCAL machine where agent needs to be installed. You can do this using WINSCP or any other file transfer.




Step 5:  Login to server as “oracle” user and create folder of Agent Installation.

mkdir – /app/oracle/product/agent12cr3



Step 6:  Navigate to location where agent setup was copied and run the below mentioned command.


[oracle@testdb1 agent_sw]$ ./ AGENT_BASE_DIR=/app/oracle/product/agent12cr3 EM_UPLOAD_PORT=4904 AGENT_REGISTRATION_PASSWORD=formula123


Validating the OMS_HOST & EM_UPLOAD_PORT

Executing command : /app/oracle/product/agent12cr3/core/ -classpath /app/oracle/product/agent12cr3/core/ oracle.sysman.agent.installer.AgentInstaller /app/oracle/product/agent12cr3/core/ /app/oracle/product/agent_sw /app/oracle/product/agent12cr3 -prereq

Validating oms host & port with url:

Validating oms host & port with url:

Return status:3-oms https port is passed

Unzipping the to /app/oracle/product/agent12cr3 ….

Executing command : /app/oracle/product/agent_sw/unzip -o /app/oracle/product/agent_sw/ -d /app/oracle/product/agent12cr3

Executing command : /app/oracle/product/agent12cr3/core/ -classpath /app/oracle/product/agent12cr3/core/ oracle.sysman.agent.installer.AgentInstaller /app/oracle/product/agent12cr3/core/ /app/oracle/product/agent_sw /app/oracle/product/agent12cr3 /app/oracle/product/agent12cr3/agent_inst AGENT_BASE_DIR=/app/oracle/product/agent12cr3


Executing agent install prereqs…

Executing command: /app/oracle/product/agent12cr3/core/ -debug   -ignoreSysPrereqs -prereqchecker -silent -ignoreSysPrereqs -waitForCompletion  -prereqlogloc /app/oracle/product/agent12cr3/core/ -entryPoint -detailedExitCodes PREREQ_CONFIG_LOCATION=/app/oracle/product/agent12cr3/core/  -J-DAGENT_BASE_DIR=/app/oracle/product/agent12cr3

Prereq Logs Location:/app/oracle/product/agent12cr3/core/<timestamp>.log

Agent install prereqs completed successfully


Cloning the agent home…

Executing command: /app/oracle/product/agent12cr3/core/ -debug   -ignoreSysPrereqs -clone -forceClone -silent -waitForCompletion -nowait ORACLE_HOME=/app/oracle/product/agent12cr3/core/   AGENT_BASE_DIR=/app/oracle/product/agent12cr3 AGENT_BASE_DIR=/app/oracle/product/agent12cr3 EM_UPLOAD_PORT=4903 AGENT_REGISTRATION_PASSWORD=formula123 -noconfig  ORACLE_HOME_NAME=agent12c4 -force b_noUpgrade=true AGENT_PORT=-1

Clone Action Logs Location:/app/oracle/oraInventory//logs/cloneActions<timestamp>.log

Cloning of agent home completed successfully


Attaching sbin home…

Executing command: /app/oracle/product/agent12cr3/core/ -debug   -ignoreSysPrereqs -attachHome -waitForCompletion -nowait ORACLE_HOME=/app/oracle/product/agent12cr3/sbin ORACLE_HOME_NAME=sbin12c4 -force

Attach Home Logs Location:/app/oracle/product/agent12cr3/core/<timestamp>.log

Attach home for sbin home completed successfully.


Updating home dependencies…

Executing command: /app/oracle/product/agent12cr3/core/ -debug   -ignoreSysPrereqs -updateHomeDeps -waitForCompletion HOME_DEPENDENCY_LIST={/app/oracle/product/agent12cr3/sbin:/app/oracle/product/agent12cr3/core/} -invPtrLoc /app/oracle/product/agent12cr3/core/ -force

Update Home Dependencies Location:/app/oracle/product/agent12cr3/core/<timestamp>.log

Update home dependency completed successfully.


Performing the agent configuration…

Executing command: /app/oracle/product/agent12cr3/core/ ORACLE_HOME=/app/oracle/product/agent12cr3/core/ RESPONSE_FILE=/app/oracle/product/agent12cr3/core/ ACTION=configure MODE=perform COMPONENT_XML={} RERUN=true

Configuration Log Location:/app/oracle/product/agent12cr3/core/<timestamp>.log

Agent Configuration completed successfully


The following configuration scripts need to be executed as the “root” user.


#Root script to run


To execute the configuration scripts:

  1. Open a terminal window
  2. Log in as “root”
  3. Run the scripts

Agent Deployment Successful.

Agent deployment log location:


Agent deployment completed successfully.




Step 7:  Secure Agent using below mentioned command.


[oracle@testdb1 agent_sw]$ cd /app/oracle/product/agent12cr3/agent_inst/bin/

[oracle@testdb1 bin]$ ./emctl secure agent

Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c Release 3

Copyright (c) 1996, 2013 Oracle Corporation.  All rights reserved.

Agent successfully stopped…   Done.

Securing agent…   Started.

Enter Agent Registration Password :

Agent successfully restarted…   Done.

EMD gensudoprops completed successfully

Securing agent…   Successful.




Step 7:  Add internal targets existing on the server and upload.

[oracle@testdb1 bin]$ ./emctl config agent addinternaltargets

Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c Release 3

Copyright (c) 1996, 2013 Oracle Corporation.  All rights reserved.


[oracle@testdb1 bin]$ ./emctl upload

Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c Release 3

Copyright (c) 1996, 2013 Oracle Corporation.  All rights reserved.


EMD upload completed successfully

[oracle@testdb1 bin]$





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