Manage Partner Agent in Oracle Enterprise Manager using “emcli”

Recently I fixed Partner Agent issue for one of my production Target Agent, which had a partner agent assigned  but was on development server. This ideally should not be the case as partner agent plays a very important role in monitoring. When primary agent is unavailable, it is very important to pick correct Partner agent to make sure monitoring is not affected.

Partner Agent is an agent which in addition to performing its regular functions, also remotely monitors the status of its assigned Management Agent and its host. OMS automatically assigns Partner Agent using built-in algorithm.

Partner Agent can be changed anytime, by using emcli verb “manage_agent_partnership“.

Few common alerts from Partner Agent.  Click here to read more…

emctl command failed -“agent_13. Argument list too long”

[Stack Guard Vulnerability in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7]

Yesterday I came across incident where the agent did not start as the “emctl” command got failed with a new error message. This happened after recent Infrastructure Maintenance Activity where OS patching was scheduled by our Infrastructure team on all servers. The host on which this issue occur had OS Version RHEL 7 “Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 7.3 (Maipo)”.

So all emctl commands whether it was “emctl start agent”, “agent stop agent” even “emctl help” failed. The error returned was “agent_13. Argument list too long”. Check the screenshot below explains the entire scenario.

Click Here to read more:-   ERROR Message:- “agent_13. Argument list too long