Automatically create Service Request on MOS from OEM13c

This is step by step document to create Service Request on My Oracle Support for any open problem in Oracle Enterprise Manager. The Service Request will be created from within OEM itself and all required details and log files etc. will automatically be uploaded.

Note: I assume that you already have “Oracle Configuration Manager” configured for OEM environment.

Step 1: Navigate to Incident Manager

Login to the OEM13c console and Navigate to Incident Manager. Under Incident Manager as shown in the screenshot in the left panel Click on “All Open Problems”. Select the problem for which you want to open the “Service Request”. In the detail window on the bottom half of the screen under “Actions” click on “Support Workbench Package Diagnostic



Step 2: Login to Support Workbench

Next step is to provide the credentials of “Weblogic Host” {OMS Host} and “Weblogic Server”. As shown in the screenshot please use your PRV account named credentials to login to weblogic host. “Weblogic Server” credentials are already saved, please use the same credentials. “WLS_EMGC_GCD


Step 3: Select Packaging Mode.

In this step please select the type package {Quick or Custom} you want to upload on My Oracle Support. It is preferred to use “Quick Packaging”, it will upload all the required files together as one package.


Step 4: Create Package

Enter the required details as mentioned in the screenshot for the package. This includes “Package Name, description, MOS option, Create new SR, CSI, and SR Summary”. Once all the details are filled click on “Next”.

image1clip_image008Once you click on Next it will compile up all the logs and other information in the single package to upload on My Oracle Support.


Step 5: View Contents of Package

This step simply lists the Incidents which are included in this package. Click on “Next” to proceed.


Step 6: View Contents of Manifest file.

It lists all the details of the manifest file to be uploaded on the My Oracle Support. If you want you can review the contents and then click on “Next” to proceed.



Step 7: Schedule the package.

In this step, you can select the schedule for generating an upload file and send it to “My Oracle Support”. You can either do it “Immediately” or schedule it for later time. Click on “Submit” to finish the process.



Step 8: Confirmation

This screen shows that SR has been successfully created on MOS, but please note that this is a “DRAFT” service request. You have to login on MOS with your account and submit this SR manually.




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